Amico Power TIG 200 DC Dual Voltage Welding Machine Review

Amico Power TIG 200 DC attracts the attention of many when they are looking for a practical welding machine that works effectively and efficiently. If you are in search of a powerful TIG that gets your job done quickly, then Amico Power is your best choice. Whether you require a machine to weld tiny metal pieces or large ones, this model from Amico has got you all covered.

Amico Power TIG 200 DC Review:

Amico Power TIG 200 DC TIG Welder Review

A quality, efficient and powerful welding machine is needed to produce the desired results you have been looking for. Portability is a major concern when it comes to welders as they have to go to various places to weld. From the workshop to outside places, the welder should be portable enough to be carried with utmost ease and convenience.

Weighing just 25 pounds, this offers utmost convenience to be taken around to places. Moreover, it is quite a powerful welder. This lets you weld with confidence and enables you to weld precisely. All this becomes even more worthy when we look at the price Amico power 1500 TIG 200 DC welder comes in.

1- Amico TIG-200 DC – Torch ARC Stick Welder 

Amico is a company known for its quality products. It came into existence in 1995 which has earned the reputation and for manufacturing and producing the best welding equipment. The company intends to produce just the best at the most affordable price possible.

Dual Voltage Welder

Amico Power TIG 200 DC Dual Voltage Welding Machine Review

Amico TIG-200 DC Review

  • Torch gun
  • Electrode holder
  • Work clamp

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The reliable and durable machines are where their expertise lies. The company has strived over the years to manufacture the most efficient quality and cost-effective machines. Thi Welding Machine is one of their best product which has been an absolute favorite of a number of welders.


This is one of the most versatile machines. It is quite efficient and will enable you to weld well. Its versatility can be proved by the fact that this works efficiently on amperage as low as 20 amperes and as high as 200 amperes.

It is incredibly lightweight. This welder weighs just 25 pounds. It offers an ideal solution as it lets you weld effectively and at an extremely low price. This helps you put your best and enables you to give your utmost performance.

This is an optimal and appropriate solution for those welders looking for an economical welding machine that has a number of quality features. Some of the notable specifications are below:

  • Can be used for multiple welding types. Suitable for GTAW, Stick an arc welding
  • The welder can be operated on 110 volts as well as on 230 volts
  • An incredible output range varying from 20 to 200 amperes
  • The rated output is 25 volts

What is included in the kit?

The things that are included and come with the kit when you purchase Amico Power 200 TIG are

  • Torch gun
  • Electrode holder
  • Work clamp
  • Transfer plug
  • Electrodes
  • Tungsten
  • Required cables
  • Foot pedal ( It has to be bought separately)
  • Affordable price
  • TIG torch
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Is not suitable for AC
  • Cannot be operated well with foot pedal
  • Enable to weld aluminum

Amico Power TIG 200 DC TIG Welder Infographic Review

Welding Safety Precautions Guide:

Welding Safety Precautions Guide Infograph

Frequently Asked Questions:

How good are Amico welders?

Amico Welders are producing lightweight high-quality welding machines at a low price

Are Amico welders made in the USA?

Amico welders are made in China but every unit test in the USA.

What is the best inverter welder to buy?

Here is the list of the top 4 best inverter welder to buy in 2021:

  • Dekopro Arc Welder
  • Zeny Arc Welder
  • Forney Arc Welder
  • S7 Arc Welder
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