Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review

Lincoln welding helmet has earned the reputation of being one of the best welding helmets. A welding helmet serves a purpose to provide you protection from rays, tiny flakes of metals that sometimes flew up, and others. It is also demanded to provide security to your eyes and keep them off from any strain.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review:

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review

You, besides getting utmost protection, should not feel weary and tired by the weight of the welding helmet and the ill- adjustability. It is wrong to say that the only purpose the welding helmet is used for is protection because there are a dozen others. By selecting the appropriate welding helmet, your performance is enhanced. Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet is proved to be just the best in all aspects and will make you weld with confidence.

1- Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 – Welding Helmet Review:

It has proven quite incredibly under some specific conditions. It generally performs well enough. The safety it promises is exceptional. Talking about the construction, the manufacturers have made sure to build it sturdy and hard enough so that it is a good shield if something unfortunate happens.

Viking 3350

Lincoln Viking 3350 Review

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

Best Comfortable Welding Helmet

  • Comfortable headgear
  • Highly adjustable settings
  • Adjustable headgear

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Strong points:

The viewing window of Lincoln Viking 3350 is large enough to view the entire thing without moving your head. The large window lets you see the entire weld pool. The optical rating of this lens is exceptional and lets us see sharp and solid colors. The large and quality lens lets you view clear, vivid, and true colors. The sensitivity of this welding helmet is one of the most remarkable features it possesses. It has the highest sensitivity even when we are operating it and using it with low amperage.

If you have always been longing for a versatile MIG welding helmet having multiple features and a number of qualities, then Viking is surely a perfect fit for you. The careful design, selection of the right features, and inclusion of the right qualities make it ideal for all, may it be professionals or beginners.

It is highly suited for industrial tasks. It can be worn during a variety of jobs. Whether you want it for fabrication or it’s the structural jobs you need it for, whether you want to weld pipeline or it is offshore work, this welding helmet has got you all covered. It can be used with a variety of operations as well.

If you need it for grinding or else you want all the welding areas TIG, MIG, or MMA, this welding helmet is equally beneficial for all those. This is also seen to be operated well with cutting or grinding purposes. Other works that can be done with this versatile piece from Lincoln include gouging and flux-cored welding.

Update of 2019

Lincoln, in 2019, released an update to the previous Lincoln Viking 3350 which has made it even more astounding. The improvements and the additional features that are included with this update have made it even sturdier, flawless, and more remarkable.

The grind mode was not present on the outside of Lincoln Viking 3350 earlier which was fixed when it was updated in 2019. The grind mode can now be accessed with utmost ease as it is present on the upper left. It takes you as little as 3 seconds if you want to switch between modes.

Differentiation was induced so that the welding helmet differentiates well between the sunlight and the arc light. It prevents glare and flash. It proves to be really helpful when you have a working environment located outside.

Battery life was also enhanced during the update. Improvements and changes with the ADF circuit were made. This enabled it to consume minimal energy thus resulting in enhanced battery life. The change in color was also seen. It was changed to a sophisticated matte compared to the shiny one earlier.


  • 4C lens
  • Auto-darkening feature
  • Optical clarity of 1/1/1/1
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Highly adjustable settings
  • Adjustable headgear
  • Battery life is sufficiently long
  • Solar powered
  • Cheater lens
  • Hard hat
  • Long warranty


  • Viewing area: 95 mm x 85 mm
  • Switching speed of 1/25000 seconds
  • 4 sensors included
  • DIN5-13 is the shading level
  • DIN3.5 is the shading level in grind mode
  • Battery used: 1
  • Weight: 21oz
  • High frequency
  • Cooling system
  • Very safe
  • HF start
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Portable
  •  Tricky use of torch
  • Not a stable arc as it bounces


Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review and Top Features:


We have 4 ranges of visibility in total. Viking 3350 has proved to be the best in all four of them. Whether it is class diffusion or luminous transmittance, whether it is angle dependence or transmittance, the all Lincoln welding helmet has got you covered. It managed to score 1/1/1/1 in all of the 4 classes.

The green glow is reduced to a minimum due to the astounding 4C lens embedded in this welding helmet. This technology also aids in effectively enhancing visibility. This helps in minimizing eye strain and thereby reduces fatigue.

The viewing area is not the largest in the market but it is on par with the best viewing areas. The large window lets you see the entire working area without even causing you the labor to turn your head. This feature has proved to be the idea for the starters and beginners in the welding field as it will help them the appropriate and the most suitable angle to view it completely and according to their feasibility. As for the professional, the large window will enhance their performance and feasibility too.

The 4 high-quality, advanced sensors prevent any blind spots and ensure a quality weld. The sensitivity is greatly enhanced and remarkable. The switching speed is as high as 1/25000 seconds. This speed reduces the stresses caused at the eyes to a minimum. The high speed will keep you safe from dangerous IV radiations emitted as the result of welding. This performs exceptionally well even if you are welding at the lowest amperage.

The shading level is provided right and is the most appropriate fit for grind mode.


This is made from strong materials which make it the most durable and the sturdiest. The exterior is made shiny which can be subjected to surface and finish damage. One has to be really careful so that no paint falls on the welding helmet.

The solar batteries inserted in these welding helmets are completely rechargeable as well as replaceable. If you usually have to do the work during sunlight hours, the welding helmet will be charged itself. So, you are all set to go whenever you have to work.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review:

Viking 3350 Versatility


Vikings 3350 has proved itself to be the most comfortable welding helmet. It sits and adjusts perfectly according to your head shape making you feel comfortable while working. This model will also reduce the neck stress which otherwise can prove really painful affecting the weld quality.

This weighs less which makes you fatigue-less even if you wear it for a long time. Lightweight and comfort make it one of the best in the market. The additional room is provided increasing the comfort.


Viking 3350 is provided with internal riggings which lets you adjust it perfectly according to your size thus ensuring an optimal fit. It stays at the place you leave it causing no issues. It doesn’t fall off the place putting the welder at ease. You have to set the appropriate distance from the mask to your face.

The knobs and dials provide make it very easy to adjust the settings according to your requirements. Push buttons and simple controls make this welding helmet very suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The controls can be switched easily and with utmost convenience between the modes.


A fair amount of air crosses keeping it ventilated. The ventilation system is the best of Viking 3350. It helps keep you fresh and increases breathability. It keeps the dust out which is a plus point.

Is the Lincoln Viking 3350 worth it?

Lincoln Viking 3350 is quite reasonable when we see the high-end grading, the efficient controls, advanced sensors, and simple settings. The qualities and features it offers are no less than perfect. The manufacturers have made sure to include each and every aspect. The comfort offered is remarkable and the breathability is exceptional. This is a perfect fit for all your welding works.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average life of a welding helmet?

A welding helmet generally lasts seven years

What should be the shade level of a welding helmet?

The ideal shade levels vary from 10 to 13. It prevents the glares and flashes.

Are auto-darkening helmets considered safe?

Yes, they are quite safe if you use them rightly. They protect the eyes and offer exceptional safety.

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