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We have come across TIG welders that are powerful. We have used TIG welders that are efficient. The WSE 200 TIG welder is all that and much more. It is a force to be reckoned with. It delivers efficient and precise results and is extremely durable. In this article, we will review the WSE 200 TIG welder and discuss its features as well as the pros and cons.

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WSE 200 TIG Welder Review 2021:

WSE 200 TIG welder review


The WSE 200 TIG welder is 200A TIG welder with an amperage range of 10-200A. This wide range of amperage allows for greater control over the weld so that you can achieve precision. It operates at a voltage of 230V which is easily available everywhere. You can plug it in the nearest outlet and start welding. The rated input current is at 14A. The rated output voltage is at 18V. The no-load voltage of this welder is 56V.


This is a 2 in 1 TIG welder. It can do both TIG and stick welding. It does DC Pulse TIG welding at 200A and stick welding at 160A. It is an AC DC TIG welder which means it can TIG weld a large variety of metals including steel and aluminum. This allows you to use it for a variety of operations such as construction and automotive work.

WSE 200 Amp Welding Machine TIG Welder Power Welder


The WSE 200 TIG welder offers both lift start and high-frequency start. You can switch between the two by flipping a simple switch. This makes it very convenient to use. Arc force control in this welder helps increase its performance and makes the operation more efficient. The stable arc of this TIG welder allows for precise welding with a good finish. It also reduces splatter so you’re less at risk of getting burnt by splatter.

This also helps make clean up easier. The output is in the form of a stable square wave. The foot pedal controller makes it easier for you to perform the welding operation as both your hands are free to control the hose. It also has the ability to easily clean the oxidation film that may form over an old weld.

The clean pulse width of the WSE 200 TIG welder is continuously adjustable. Heat concentrating allows for a quick and precise weld with a perfect finish. The filling rod is easy to use and makes the process much more convenient. These features allow you to use this TIG welder in the construction, chemical industry, logistics as well as medical science.


The efficiency of the WSE 200 TIG welder is rated at 80% which is a large number in the market. It has a 60% duty cycle which means it will weld for more duration of time so you can be done with your welding job quickly. Delay time ranges from 2 to 10s. The preheat time is merely 2 seconds which means you don’t have to wait for it heats up and you can use it right away.

Safety Features:

The WSE 200 TIG welder has built-in alarming as well as protection circuits which help in preventing hazards such as overheating, over current, low voltage as well as overvoltage. This allows for safe operation. You don’t have to worry about the system overheating and overloading because it will alert you automatically. It also features an anti-fluctuation ability which ensures a stable input power to the TIG welder.

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This TIG welder weighs around 22 kilograms which are lightweight as compared to similar models on the market. This means you can easily move it around the workplace and even carry it along on the road between your workplace and home. It has a compact design which means it does not require a lot of storage space.


The WSE 200 TIG welder comes at a reasonable price which puts it within the budget of most users. The company has not compromised on quality or features so the investment will be a good one. The reasonable price is mainly because of the competitive market and so that they can attract more customers.


  • Colour: Yellow/blue
  • Dimensions: 600 x 440 x 415
  • Weight: 22 KG
  • Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Processes: TIG and stick
  • Amperage: 10-200A
  • Voltage: 230V
  • No-load Voltage: 56V
  • Rated Output Voltage: 18V
  • Rated Input Current: 14A
  • Preheat Time: 0-2s
  • Delay Time: 2-10s
  • Efficiency: 80%


  • DC Pulse TIG welding at 200A
  • Stick welding at 160A
  • Lift start and high-frequency start
  • Arc force control
  • Stable arc
  • Stable square wave output
  • Foot pedal controller
  • Easily cleans the oxidation film
  • Continuously adjustable clean pulse width
  • Overheating, over current, low voltage and over-voltage protection
  • Anti-fluctuation
  • Various safety features
  • Reasonable price
  • Portable
  • Stable arc
  • Wide amperage range
  • It’s not dual voltage


WSE 200 TIG Welder Review:

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Final Verdict:

The WSE 200 TIG welder is an efficient and productive unit that delivers a precise weld with a smooth finish. It comes at a reasonable cost so it is a great TIG welder for both beginners and professionals. We are satisfied with its operation and we would recommend it.

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